1. Teams consist of 3 members - One from each class: Super Pro, Footbrake, Pro
  2. Teams will register team name and members/classes and pay $100 team registration fee prior to round 1 on race day.
  3. Teams members will race in their classes as usual, paying for race entry fees as usual, and will win purses as usual.
  4. Racers can participate in more than one team in a different class. (For example, Joe can be on team 1 racing super pro, and on team 2 racing pro class.) 
  5. Throughout the races, teams will earn points based on the the performance of each team member.  Points will be calculated in the tower and posted live on the I-57 website throughout the race.  
  6. The team with the most points at the end of the event will win 100% of the team entry fees collected for that event.
  7. Racers do not have to be a member of a team to compete in any of the races. The team competition is merely running within the regular points program bracket races.  


                       1 - round won

                       2 - perfect Light

                       2 - perfect dial

                       1 - all 3 team members win round with no buy back