Rules for ET Footbrake:

1. No Delay Box in car (no exceptions)                       
2. No Electronic Two Steps allowed        
3. Protest rule in effect $100                    
4. No tint (to an extreme) passenger side 
5. Electric or Air Shifter are Allowed.     
6. No Buttons used on Starting Line.        
7. Transbrakes are Allowed in your car but can not be used on the starting line.
   The rules and regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATION OF OUR COMPLIANCE
WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official.
       The race director shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alteration of specifications. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.

We try to mail race information to those interested. If you are not receiving this information, please inform the tower and you will be placed on the mailing list. If you have had a change of address, notify the tower also. These mailouts come at no cost to the racer. If you would like to be added to our email list, please send request to Those on our email list will be notified by email in the event of rainouts or of any upcoming special events.

We appreciate you choosing our track to race. We are well aware that without you we would not be in business. We thank you very much for your participation. We do ask that you keep in mind that another group of people also are very important, the spectators. We must together as a team, track officials and racers, to provide the best show possible. For without the spectator we would not be in business.
Each Driver is allowed to have only two crew members enter the area in front of the tower.  These crew members must be over the age of 18, sign the back of driver's tech card, and have a wrist band on. Crew members are asked to leave that area once their driver has passed the finish line.

1. Tech cards must be purchased before you can time trial.
2. Information must be read on Tech Card and signed by Owner, Driver and Crew Members.
3. All Tech Cards must be filled out completely for two reasons:
     A. So Announcers may inform spectators about your car, driver & sponsor.
     B. For mailing list up-dating. (Please mark yes or no on list for mailout.)
4. Tech Card must be delivered to tech station at time of inspection.


1. After you purchase your tech card, you are notifying the track that you are ready to race.
2. WE GUARANTEE OUR MONEY-------WE EXPECT YOU TO GUARANTEE YOURS. Purses will be guaranteed May thru Sept. unless otherwise posted. If we race under a bad weather threat, rain, high heat or very cold conditions and have a very low car count, purses will be guaranteed only if car count is sufficient. Racers will be notified of this prior to purchasing tech cards.
3. We will provide you with only one break card per season if you break before the race begins
4. In case of rain-outs, rain check will be issued, they must be redeemed within 4 weeks of the date of issue.
5. If you break before first round, place your number on another racecar, only if both entries are in separate classes. This will only be at Track discretion. 
1. Participant will be called to staging according to your Class ( If you wish to time trial out of sequence you must go to the race coordinator for approval)
2. Staging will be described in two phases, Time Trials and Race.
     A. Time Trial 
         1) Time Trial out of the lane of your choice by pulling your car in that staging lane.
         2) There are 7 staging lanes. Lanes 1, 2 & 3 will time trial in the left lane. Lanes 5, 6, & 7 will time trial from the right lane.  
     B. Race
           1) Race out of the lane you select, unless everyone wants the same lane. (If everyone wants the same lane, lane choice will be decided by lowest dial-in and cars will be paired back to back , However when racer pulls into a numbered lane he is making his lane choice at that time and cannot change later unless instructed by track official.
           2) If you are forced into a lane you had not dialed for, not of your choice, then you can change your dial-in and your opponent must be notified of the Dial-In change.
1. On regular race nights we offer 2 time run sessions, if you are not late. (On certain occasions you may receive more)
2. For problem nights such as rain delay or equipment failure, we reserve the right to limit time runs and request racers to put dial-ins on windows and race.
1. Must be very legible to personnel in tower. A dial in that is not written large and dark will only hurt you. It is to your benefit to take the time to write your dial in very clearly and dark. Colored window chalk is not recommended. White is the best.
2. Must be on REAR window and FRONT windshield. (Note: No dial-in’s on side windows)
3. Open Body cars must be careful in the place they select for Dial-In display. IT MUST BE LEGIBLE!!
4. Dial-in cannot be changed after car is pulled from staging. Marginal violations will be handled by a one time warning, then a next occurrence violation will bring a disqualification. Track Official will determine marginal. Open deception to other racers will result in disqualification. You will pay no games with Dial-Ins. Win your race through skill and honesty - not deception.
5.You are responsible to check your own Dial-In on the score board. If you cannot see it then have a crew member walk to staging with you and if the Dial-In is incorrect let him notify you and the starting line official. If you stage to it you buy it. If you are crossing over you are responsible to check your opponents Dial-In also.


   A. Drive shaft loop if racing on slicks.
   B. Liquid Overflow: Catch Can (Catch Tank) required for radiator; 1 pint minimum capacity.
   C. Helmet required if car runs 8:00 and quicker.
   D. Seat belts required.
   E. Firewall required to isolate driver from engine. No holes in firewall.
   F. Fire extinguishers: Properly secured fire extinguisher required.
   G. Protective Clothing: protective fire jacket required if car runs on alcohol. Motorcycle riders must  have Leather Jackets, boots, gloves & Helmets.
   H. All classes must have at least one working tail light & a neutral safety switch.
   I. Dual Return Springs must be on all Carb’s. 

       Drag Racing is a sporting event, just like baseball and basketball. There must be OFFICIALS to oversee the events. We realize that these OFFICIALS may make a call with which you do not agree. We will try to be fair and honest. The Computer is also an official. The computer has the final say.
Once a car reaches the front of the staging lanes for a run, it must be prepared to fire and race. No Dial-in may be changed after either car has left the head of staging. After racer's proper staging and receiving the starter signal to go, it is not allowable to re-stage for a second attempt. This also includes qualifying for the heads-up racing.( See staging for details).
2. Proper staging is this: both cars turning on both stage lights. Once both stage lights are properly lit, neither car can back out of the stage beams. The computer will begin the countdown to start the tree. Backing out will not stop the count or the starting of the race. The only thing that will stop the start after both cars are staged would be the starting line official or tower official for safety purposes.
3. Failure to stage when instructed by the starter, over staging, leaving the starting line before the start system is activated, or failure to leave the starting line before the start system has been reset, will result in no “E.T.” allowed for that run or disqualification.
4. All cars in staging should be prepared to race. If cars fail to start when pulled from staging, racer has 2 minutes to start vehicle before disqualification. Once in water box you only have 1 minute before disqualification. Once either car stages, the automatic timer takes control when the other car pre-stages. The pre-staged car has 10 seconds to stage before the tree automatically begins to count and come down. 
5. All cars must line up straight with the strip when making a run. No angled starts. Crew members in headsup classes my assist in staging the driver. NOTE: Crew members are not to touch the car once it leaves the head of staging, unless there is mechanical problems around the water box.
6. Most violations around the starting line will carry a one time verbal warning during any one race. At that time the race track official will make a judgment call as to where upon the second violation during the same race, may result in disqualification.
7. No burn outs across starting line under power for bracket classes, with exception to race car with no front brakes. Those exceptions must begin from the water box. However in the headsup classes burn outs across the starting line are allowed.
8. Any race car that crosses the centerline will be disqualified. NOTE: Getting on the centerline is not crossing. The starting line official will be the soul judge of this violation.
9. In situations where a driver is making a single run in eliminations, he is considered the automatic winner once he staged under power and receives the start. (His trying for lane choice will also stand.) Lane boundary line crossing and red light disqualification rules do not apply on a single run of eliminations.
10. All contestants must turn off at the end of the strip and keep their speed to a minimum of 5 mph on the return road. Violations could result in dismissal from race faculty.
11. The “Break Rule” has been eliminated and is no longer practiced. This means that if you win and break, you are not able to reinstate your opponent.
12. No three or four-wheelers allowed in restricted staging area. None will be allowed on track without permission. All ATV’S must be identified with the racer’s car number. Joy riding will not be allowed.
13. Only two crew personnel allowed with car past the burn-out boxes. Anyone proceeding to this area must be over eighteen years of age and must sign the back of driver's tech card. These people must leave once the car has run.
14. Any person fighting, using drugs, carrying a gun or improper knife will be removed from the premises.
15. If it is seen that a driver is not capable of handling equipment safely, he will not be allowed to race. 
16.  MPH at all times in the pits, staging lanes, and return roads. Please be safe. Pedestrians have the right of way.

All bye-runs will be drawn in the tower from the previous round and or last time trial and all bye runs will be selected by the best reaction time in that previous round. A bye will be chosen for every round except finals. If more than one has the same reaction time then we will take the one closest to his dial-in. if more than one has the same, then racers can odd man or flip a coin to determine the bye-run. All bye’s will roll over to the next round, you will keep it until you use it or lose the race. We never allow or have a bye into the finals, if both cars want the same lane in the finals, then faster car will have lane choice. Bye car always has lane choice. 

* If at any time before staging you feel the track is not safe, stop your car and notify the starter. 

* Racer assumes all responsibility of risk for him and his crew. You agree to this by signing the back of the tech card. We are not baby sitters. There are certain risks with any type of racing. This track is not in any way warranted to be safe and or without risk.

*Inspect it before you use it if you use it you accept responsibility for you and your crew. The racer assumes all risk! 

* NO test runs after you start the race. No test runs to anyone period if any class is in the money. 

* Our goal is to race and go home. Be ready when it is your turn to race. Please don’t hold up the race. NO DOWN TIME IF POSSIBLE. Late racing is not our goal.