Top 10 List
I-57 Is implementing a new Friday Night Program this year.
Friday Nights will be the same laid-back hanging out atmosphere as always with one addition. Every Friday night at 8:57 and 9:57 racers will have the opportunity to make a pass. These times will be ranked according to the list for which they qualify. The top 10 ETs will be posted each week here on the I-57 website and Facebook page.. The 5 Lists will be:

Diesel Trucks
New Models (2010& newer) Mustangs, Camaros, and Challengers
Street Class (DOT tires, licensed)
Unlimited (anything else)

On each Friday night, I-57 will pay $50 to the racer that qualifies #1 on that night’s featured list as follows:
1st Friday: New Models                             
2nd Friday: Street Class                            
3rd Friday: Unlimited

4th Friday: Diesels & Bikes ($50 each)